Free yourself from any restraints in Japan with Mobile WiFi router!

About NINJA WiFi

A must have item when traveling in Japan NINJA WiFi

NINJA WiFi is a service that rents Mobile WiFi Routers that can connect multiple devices—smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs , etc.

What is a Mobile WiFi Router?

A device allowing you to use the Internet on your smartphone, tablet, etc. by connecting to the local mobile phone network.
By connecting to the local mobile phone network, you can enjoy the Internet as usual without incurring expensive overseas packet communication fees.

You can share with others!

it is also possible to share with your friends and family as you can use several smart phones or computers with one WiFi router.

Advantages of NINJA WiFi

Best price

Completely unlimited
Fees are even lower since you can share with others

Unlimited data!

Unlimited use of high-speed 4G LTE that can be used throughout Japan.

Can be used anywhere

Even with the lack of Free WiFi spots in Japan, rest easy with NINJA WiFi.

Easy to use

Just turn on the WiFi router and enter the password.

No 1 for pick up spots!

You can pick up at the airport when you arrive in Japan, and return at the airport when you leave.

The reason you need NINJA WiFi

In Japan, free WiFi spots are not widely available. Even for those stated as free WiFi, only 10 % are totally free and need no registeration. You will struggle if you don't have some kind of Internet connection method.

It is really difficult to find free WiFi in Japan.

Most Wi-Fi services offered free of charge in Japan are only available on the condition that an agreement is signed for mobile phones or other services. Wi-Fi services offered to visiting foreigners at no cost comprise only 10%.

Number of access points in Japan as of April 2015, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Approximately 900,000 Wi-Fi access points that require agreements with mobile communications and other operators Approximately 100,000 free Wi-Fi access points

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, April 2015

50% of visiting foreigners have a strong desire for a Wi-Fi connection environment.

Meanwhile, about half the number of foreign nationals who visit Japan have a strong desire for a Wi-Fi environment. Supply and demand do not match.
Unfortunately, Internet facilities for visiting foreigners are still very lacking.

Convenient information desired by visiting foreign nationals

53.3% desire a Wi-Fi connection environment.

July-September 2014, Japan Tourism Agency

Comprehensive comparison of the 4 ways to connect to the Internet in Japan

Method 1 Mobile WiFi Router rental

Cheap and unlimited
A Mobile WiFi Router is a small device that uses cellular networks to connect to the Internet

Method 2 Mobile phone company roaming

The communication fees are pretty high.
Flat-rate overseas packet service is a method to connect to the Internet outside your home country using your regular device and service network.

Method 3 Prepaid SIM
Prepaid SIM Current SIM

Hard to set-up
You can swap your SIM with a fixed data SIM purchased from a communication company in Japan.

Method 4 Free WiFi hotspot

The number of spots in Japan are extremely low.
This is an area, such as a hotel or café, which has free public wireless LAN.

Ordering is simple!

Registrations by application form accepted up to one day prior to your desired pickup date. Payments processed by credit card.
Choose between pickup at the airport, pickup counter or delivery.
You can choose between return at the airport pick-up counter or return box, or by return delivery.