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Service Selection

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To Customers Using Narita Airport

Because moving between Terminals 1 and 2 can take a long time, please check which terminal your airline is located in and select your pickup or return location accordingly.

Narita Terminal Guide

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Latest model from SoftBank with "Hybrid 4G LTE" technology. Blazing fast.
Standard Plan(SoftBank) 900 yen/Day + Tax
Broadband Carrier SoftBank
Model Pocket WiFi 303ZT
Broadband standard SoftBank 4G LTE / SoftBank 4G
Transmission Rate Downloading speed(Max) SoftBank 4G LTE up to 187.5Mbps / SoftBank 4G up to 165Mbps
Uploading speed(Max) SoftBank 4G LTE up to 37.5Mbps / SoftBank 4G up to 10Mbps

※Please be aware that exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.

Select your optional service

Please select your optional services. If do not need insurance, please choose "No Insurance".

Optional Service Pack: 400 yen/Day + Tax
Full Insurance Plan 100% damage covered + External Battery
Feel safe with having WiFi and receiving care!
A full medical and WiFi support!: 700 yen/Day + Tax
A full medical and WiFi support!
A full medical and WiFi support!
Choose Your Own
Insurance plan
Full Insurance Plan:300 yen/Day + Tax
Mini Insurance Plan:200 yen/Day + Tax
No Insurance
Lost and broken device will result in additional fees incurred.
External Battery
No more worrying about running out of battery when you are on the go.
100 yen/Day + Tax

* Insurance fees will be applied to each WiFi router.