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How to Use

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Sign-up Deadline

If Picking Up at an Airport Counter

Pick-up Date Pick-up at an AirportMAP Time
4 Days Before Asahikawa Airport Sign-up by 3:00 PM (Japan Time)
3 Days Before New Chitose Airport International Terminal
New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal
2 Days Before Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1
Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 2
Fukuoka International Airport
Komatsu Airport
Sendai International Airport
1 Day Before Narita International Airport Terminal 1
Narita International Airport Terminal 2
Haneda Airport Terminal 2
Haneda Airport Terminal 3
Kansai International Airport, Terminal 1
Naha Airport

If Picking Up via Delivery Service:

Shipping Address Pick-up Date Ships To Time
3 Days Before All Over Japan Sign-up by 15:00 (Japan Time)
  • Please complete every required item on thesign-up formon the website and send us your sign-up information.
    *Please note that your email address and credit card information are required for signing up.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the contents of your sign-up to your registered email address after the successful completion of signing up.
    *Please contact us immediately if you receive no such confirmation email or if you find any errors in the contents of your sign-up.


NINJA WiFi withdraws your payment amount upon online sign-up or upon payment with your credit card through a separate payment page.
Please note in advance that the payment details on your credit card can reach two to three lines. This is because we will bill any additional charges arising from your options at sign-up or from your extension fees after sign-up, and we will also reimburse any differences for a price reduction due to schedule changes or cancellations.



Different methods and places for pick-up and return are acceptable! Example: [Pick-up] Narita Airport → [Return] Kansai International Airport Example: [Pick-up] Haneda Airport → [Return] via Delivery Service.


Please use our service only during the dates that you signed up. If you have any questions about issues with your WiFi device or how to use it during your service period, please contact either of the following call centers: