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If you rental a NINJA WIFI now, you will receive the following Cupons.
You will be able to get following services by showing the Coupons at following correspondig store.
Multiple people can use the same coupon.

There is a coupon book included in the pouch that your Mobile WiFi router came in.
Please check below for more details on the included coupons.

※You can't use pictures that you download and print off.
Please present the coupon book.

※Please understand that you can use the coupon read from the sample picture's QR Code.

Shopping center filled with an assortment of goods.


拡大画像をみるAEON Coupon Image

Duty-free+5% Discount

Shopping Center for fashion, general goods, and grocery. Opened more than 600 stores in Japan.

Home Center with a little something for everyone.


拡大画像をみるTOKYU HANDS Coupon Image

Duty-free+5% Discount

Please show China Union pay card or Passport for the purchases.

Deal in more than 100 thousands goods including house electronics, interiors, general goods, kitchen goods, and party goods.

Department store in the tallest commercial building in Japan.

Kintetsu Department Store

拡大画像をみるKintetsu Department Store Coupon Image

Duty-free+5% Discount

Please bring this coupons to duty-free counter.

Department Store which deal in one of the largest number of variety of goods in Japan. Food courts and food markets are also available.

Largest drug store chain in Japan

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

拡大画像をみるMatsumoto Kiyoshi Coupon Image

Duty-free+3% Discounted for purchases more than 10'000YEN and less than 30'000YEN.
Duty-free+5% Discounted for purchases more than 30'000YEN

Drug stores deal in variety of goods including medicine, cosmetics,and health foods. It expand its bussiness throught out Japan.

Discount Store

Don Quijote

拡大画像をみるDon Quijote Coupon Image

Duty-free+500YEN discounted for purchases more than 10'000YEN.

One of the most famous general discount stores in Japan.

Department store connected directly to Tokyo's Ikebukuro Station.

TOBU Department Store

拡大画像をみるTOBU Department Store Coupon Image

Duty-free+5% Discount

Please bring this Coupon to duty-free counter.

It is Head office of department store which have one of the largest floor space located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Want to become a beautiful Kimono princess? We got you covered.


拡大画像をみるKIMONO RENTAL wargo Coupon Image

1'000YEN discount

Please book it in advance by website.

Visit the store with hands free and wear it as soon as you arrived. Help you to dressed for free. You will beJapanese-stlye beaty.

Largest Rolex Shop in Japan.


拡大画像をみるQuark Coupon Image

Spend over 100,000 yen and recieve an original suede strap present.

This speciality shop has more than just Rolexes!

Over 70 nail salons have expanded across the country.


拡大画像をみるNailQuick Coupon Image

5% OFF

Not only nail art, but they also do nail care and bridal nails.