Free yourself from any restraints in Japan with Mobile WiFi router!

Rates & Plans

No additional fees for things like data transmission, the initial cost for rental, or using your credit card for payment.


You may pick up your device(s) at any of our airport counters or the Shinjuku Counter for free, but please note that pick-up or return via delivery service will cost USD 4.50 (+ sales tax) for pick-up and USD 4.50 (+ sales tax) for return.

List of Models

Standard Plan (SoftBank)


Latest model from SoftBank with "Hybrid 4G LTE" technology. Blazing fast.

USD 8.20 + tax / day

Broadband Carrier Softbank
Model Pocket WiFi 303ZT
Broadband Standard SoftBank 4G LTE/SoftBank 4G
Data Limit UNLIMITED*1
Transmission Rate*2 Downloading Speed (Max) [SoftBank 4G]
Maximum Downloading Speed at 165 Mbps*3
[SoftBank 4G LTE]*4
Maximum Downloading Speed at 187.5 Mbps*3
Uploading Speed (Max) [SoftBank 4G]
Maximum Uploading Speed at 10 Mbps
[SoftBank 4G LTE]
Maximum Uploading Speed at 37.5 Mbps
  • *1 Please be aware that exceeding 3GB in a day can result in a loss of speed and possibly a temporary loss of connection.
  • *2 Due to the best effort system, transmission rates may slow down or reach no connectivity depending on internet traffic. Moreover, transmission rates vary among usage areas.
  • *3 Downloading speed (max) reaches 110 Mbps depending on the usage area.
  • *4 The device is compatible with a carrier aggregation downloading speed (max) of 150 Mbps. As of April 2015, this service is usable at a limited number of places.
  • *5 Starting from August 2015, we plan to start expanding our service to more areas. Depending on your usage area, the downloading speed (max) may drop to 112.5 Mbps, 75 Mbps, 37.5 Mbps or lower.


Feel safe with having WiFi and receiving care!
A full medical and WiFi support!

USD 4.60/day+tax

Travel safely with WiFi and medical support!

Travel safely with WiFi and medical support!

For those worried about losing or destroying the device
Insurance Plan

Most Popular Plan That Encloses an External Battery
Optional Package Plan

USD 3.70 + tax / day

This is the most popular plan among the users of our rental WiFi routers.

Low Price & Popular Full Insurance Plan with 100% of Damage Covered + External Battery
“Total Protection” Plan for Just in Case
Full Insurance Plan

USD 2.80 + tax / day

100% Protection
Recommended Plan to Prepare for Any Issues
Mini Insurance Plan

USD 1.80 + tax / day

80% Protection

*If any WiFi equipment is lost or stolen, please submit a certificate to us from the Japanese Police Department or other public institution.
*Please immediately report losses or thefts to the Company whether or not you purchased an insurance plan.

Summary of Charges

Mobile WiFi Router Fee USD 350.00
SIM card reissue fee USD 27.00(tax included)
Pouch USD 9.00(tax included)
AC Adapter USD 9.00(tax included)
USB Cable USD 4.50(tax included)

No More Worrying about Running Out of Battery When You Are on the Go.
Portable External Battery

USD 1.00 + tax / day

You may rent an “Eneloop” portable battery as an option for charging your portable WiFi router just by plugging it in.
Since the "Eneloop" itself is chargeable, it is not disposable and you can use it repeatedly. If you use the attached cable, you can charge other devices as well, such as a smart phone.

Portable External Battery

I want to pick up and return the router at the place where I’m staying.
Pick-up/Return by Delivery Services

Pick-up Delivery Services

USD 4.50 + tax / day

Return Delivery Services

USD 4.50 + tax / day


Picking up and returning at an airport counter is free.

Extension Fees

Rental Fees for Portable WiFi Routers

Standard Plan Notification for extension a day before the expiration of the service USD 7.90 + tax / day
No prior notification for extension USD 12.50 + tax / day


Insurance Plan Optional Package Plan USD 3.60 + tax / day
Full Insurance Plan USD 2.70 + tax / day
Mini Insurance Plan USD 1.80 + tax / day
Portable External Battery USD 0.90 + tax / day