Get one NOW!!ポケットサイズで持ち運びできる!WiFiルーターレンタル 無料レンタル実施中!Get one NOW!!ポケットサイズで持ち運びできる!WiFiルーターレンタル 無料レンタル実施中!
日本でも快適インターネットポケットサイズで持ち運び可能。日本用WiFiルーターレンタルのNINJA WiFi。日本でも快適インターネットポケットサイズで持ち運び可能。日本用WiFiルーターレンタルのNINJA WiFi。
NINJA WiFiを持って、高知で最高の思い出を。NINJA WiFiを持って、高知で最高の思い出を。

Kochi Prefecture is offering a Free Portable WiFi Router, ""NINJA WiFi"", to foreign visitors. With NINJA WiFi, you can stay connected anytime and anywhere in Japan!

Please visit any of the ten tourist information centers below to obtain one.

  • 高知県 VISIT KOCHI The blessings of nature JAPAN
  • ① Kochi Prefecture “i” Information Center

    1 min walk from JR Kochi Station south exit.Inside Tosa Terrace.

    ●Reception time

  • ② Shimanto City Tourist Information Center

    On the left of the roundabout outside Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Station.

    ●Reception time

  • ③ Kochi Airport Information

    On the 1st floor in the Kochi airport terminal building

    ●Reception time

  • ④ Aki Tourist Information Center

    5 mins walk from Tosa Kuroshio Railway Aki Station.

    ●Reception time

  • ⑤ Kami City Information Center

    In front of JR Tosa-Yamada Station

    ●Reception time

  • ⑥ SHIMANTO TOWN tourist information center

    Next to JR Kubokawa Station

    ●Reception time

  • ⑦ Muroto Global Geopark Center

    0 min walk from Muroto
    Geopark Center (bus)

    ●Reception time

  • ⑧ Kochi Tourist Information Center

    3 mins walk from TOSADEN TRAFFIC Ohashidori Station.

    ●Reception time

  • ⑨ Ino Tourist Association

    5 mins walk from JR Ino Station

    ●Reception time

  • ⑩ SAKAWA TOWN tourist Information center

    5 mins walk from JR Sakawa Station

    ●Reception time

NINJA WiFi × Kochi PrefectureSteps to enjoy the free NINJA WiFi (for foreign visitors)

お申し込みはとっても簡単! ご予約不要お申し込みはとっても簡単! ご予約不要

  • 案内所で受付

    Make sure to bring your passport
  • SNSへ投稿SNSへ投稿

    Post our special page on your SNS.
  • お申し込みお申し込み

    Please apply according to the application process.
  • 無料WiFiをGET!無料WiFiをGET!

    We give you your NINJA WiFi.

NINJA WiFi × Kochi PrefectureReturn method

When you go back home, you can return it to the airport or a tourist information center in Kochi.You can also return it by mail (free of charge).

  • Narita Airport
  • Haneda Airport
  • Chubu Airport
  • Shin-Chitose Airport
  • Fukuoka Airport
  • Kansai Airport
  • Komatsu Airport
  • Naha Airport
  • Itami Airport
  • Shizuoka Airport
  • Kagoshima(drop-off box only)

NINJA WiFi × Kochi PrefectureFAQ about WiFi Rental

Are they available for pre-order?
Yes, we have them available for pre-order, and one device can be rented per person. (However, in the case of large tour groups, we may ask for your group to share one device.)
Is it really free?
Yes. There are no fees of any kind.
What are the maximum amount of days I can rent the device?
You can borrow it for three days, not including the day-of. Note that although you cannot extend your usage time, there will be no additional charges due to delivery method (such as home delivery) variations.
How should I return the device?
Users, please return it to the airport of your departure. If you are departing from an airport where you cannot return it, you can follow procedures for a return by post (free of charge).You can also return it to a tourist information center that provides wifi rental services.
Can I use it outside of Kochi?
You can use it anywhere in Japan, but please use it predominantly in Kochi Prefecture.
What do I need to rent one?
You just need your passport. If you are wanting to rent the device for free, make sure to have a phone or device capable of accessing SNS so you can post and get your free device!
Are there any communication restrictions?
There are no restrictions. (However, if you use much more than the common amount of data used, the speed may slow down or stop at times.)
Can I return it after use and rent it again?
As long as you do not exceed the maximum of 3 days (not including the day-of), there is no restriction on the amount of times you rent it.
Is there support available at the Tourist Information Office for languages other than Japanese?
Kochi prefecture General Tourist Information Office is authorized by the Japan National Tourist Office so there is English support. Furthermore, the application is available in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Korean.